R/altright R/alternativeright closed down.

We normally just post a bunch of pictures that we think are funny on this site because it is our right to express freedom of speech, and if we choose to use that freedom to make funny alt-right jokes that is our right. Yesterday the two largest alt-right subreddits were banned with no warning for doing nothing worse than a multitude of leftist subs are doing. I want to express to everyone who reads this page that any comments that you leave here will never be removed because they agree of disagree with our content. This is an American page and we value the freedom of speech which this country affords to us all.

With this said, if anyone feels like submitting “Alt-right news or articles” to this page, we will now be posting those as well. This page was initially meant for nothing but humor, but with these recent changes there needs to be a space for freedom of expression from all avenues and the alt-rights main avenues have been silenced.

We stand by you all.



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